HusetThe Museum of Lithography (Litografiska Museet) is a combined museum and workshop specialized in stone printing. The museum shows the fantastic story of the origin of our modern communication society. The lithographers were proud professionels who with pleasure saved examples of work well done.
The goal is to keep the art of lithography alive. With workshops, school activities, exhibitions and visiting lithographers we show and practice the original direct print in old presses and in the high speed printing press “Johanna” from the late 1900th century. There are also artists in residence working at the museum.

Litografiska Museets SamlingarThe museum owns a collection of art works, posters, labels, letterheads, packages etc. from the 20th century to the 1940s. There are also approximately 1,000 lithographic stones with the old motifs preserved on most of the stones.
The collections are to a large extent based on donations from individual lithographers and printers. Most prints in the collections are digitized and accessible at caw.litografiskamuseet.se
The museum is situated in beautiful surroundings on Sundby Gård – a recreation area owned by the municipality of Huddinge. There is also a restaurang on Sundby Gård – Sundby Gårds Värdshus www.sundby-gard.se

Litografiska Museet
Sundby Gård, 141 91 Huddinge
Tel +46 8 746 90 91

Opening hours
Tuesday-Friday and Sunday at 12-15.
The museum is closed for Christmas and New Year from 23 December to 9 January.

Groups, max 20 persons, are welcome for a guided tour in the museum. We can offer guided tours in English or German.

Admission fees
Free admission.

The museum is fully accessible for visitors with impaired mobility. A parking space for disabled persons is located near the entrance.

Getting there
Shuttletrain from Stockholm C to Huddinge C, bus 709 to Sundby Gård. The museum is situated in a new building on Sundby Gård, a few minutes walk straight ahead from the bus stop. Travelling time from Stockholm ca 35 minutes. Alternatively you can take bus 835 to the bus stop Gladövägen.The walk from the bus stop to the museum will take 10-15 minutes.

By car from Stockholm take road 226 towards Huddinge, at Huddinge C turn right to road 259 towards Haninge/Gladö kvarn. After 6 km turn left to Sundby Gård.